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Git doesn’t have to be so difficult to learn!   However, for a variety of good reasons, it has been.

We’re here to help – GitGuys present over 30 tutorials on the use of Git to help you, step-by-step, in setting up git from scratch through dealing with the distributed environment. Each tutorial covers a specific topic so that later, after you have Git up and running, if you need to reference a specific topic you can quickly and easily.

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Why bother to learn git?

  • Git is a big improvement over legacy version control systems (more about that later).
  • Git is growing very rapidly in popularity.
  • Bottom line:  Source code that you need to access and update will be in a git repository, and you’ll save a lot of time and trouble by knowing how to live happily with git.

The bad news:

  • Git is different than other version control systems:  It is built differently from the ground (database) up.  Consequently, if you only learn “instead of doing this checkout command in SVN, I now do this checkout command in ‘git’ you might still get confused about what git command to use when:  It really is worthwhile to learn the ‘git philsophy’ and what it can do for you.
  • It takes some effort to learn the ways and whys of git.

Start out with:  Version Control System (VCS) Requirements:  What every VCS must do.
Check out:  Why Use Git Instead of a Legacy Version Control System.
Then dive into:  The Git Object Database and What’s the deal with the git index?

The current full list of topics in this Git Tutorial is here.

Check back with us periodically – we will be adding more info to help you git going!

Git Learning is far way more useful in business than you think. We also helped a lot of clients to get their git going for version control. We have a series of tutorials and training for corporate users. Here are some of the many reputable companies that let us help on their set up: