8 Reasons for Switching to Git

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5 Aug 2011

Tobias on the Fournova blog presents a good summary of why to switch to Git in his article 8 Reasons for Switching to Git.

The overall theme of why you should switch to Git is reduced time managing your code base, increased time for coding. This comes in many forms, everything from the speed of Git to the ability to the ease of rollback of commits. Git automates many of the tasks that you need to do while managing your code, saving you time.

Due to the distributed nature of Git, it easily handles local copies of repositories allowing you to work offline, increasing your coding time. With the expansion of WiFi hotspots and LTE, offline doesn’t happen often, but when it does and you become inspired, it is nice to be able to hammer out those lines of code before the inspiration vanishes.

Switching to Git will definitely reduce your time spend managing your code base while simultaneously increase your time for coding.

Check out Devbox for a complete, turn-key Git based development environment. Contact the GitGuys at Akiri Solutions if you need help in switching to Git from another CVS.



September 11th, 2012 at 3:55 am

It’s great to see more WP devs using git primarily. It means the day wp.org moves to git is conimg closer. My deployment script is a bit different, as it takes designed only for releases so takes care of all deployment related tasks (tagging) and it doesn’t require a local SVN repo. You can find an example of it here:



September 11th, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Conrad, this is great! I’ve been getting into git a lot laelty myself and I love how I can have a faster workflow with git by having part of the IDE.Big question though is there a way to do a push origin master from inside Flash Builder? I know I can do commits and pushes, but I want to update the remote repository and it kinda sucks I have to go back to the terminal window to do it.Maybe you’ve figured out how to do this within Flash Builder as well?Keep up the good work!

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