1. Git Going

Tobias on the Fournova blog presents a good summary of why to switch to Git in his article 8 Reasons for Switching to Git. The overall theme of why you should switch to Git is reduced time managing your code base, increased time for coding. This comes in many forms, everything from the speed of […]

According to Forester Analyst Jeffrey Hammond, git adoption has grown from 2% to 13% in the three years between 2009 and 2011. According to the Forester survey, Eclipse’s adoption of Git as a supported alternative to Subversion is due to this growth. The Ruby community is also adopting git as well according to Hammond. IDC […]

In response to people asking who offers Git Commercial services, we have added a new page: Git Resources lists companies that provide professional Git services. If you know of others, drop us a line.

GitGuys.com Git Version Control Educational Site Receives Funding Akiri Solutions, Inc.  announces funding for GitGuys.com, an educational and informational site that covers the ins and outs of using the Git version control system. Git is built differently from the ground up and is a big improvement over legacy version control systems (VCSs). Although it is […]

What is Git? Git is an open source distributed version control system (VCS) and source code management (SCM), designed and developed by Linus Torvalds with the main design goal being an emphasis on speed. We’re making the GitGuys site available with the aim of making the git version control system easier to learn. You will […]